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Time to make it about YOU!

No, make the forty AMAZING women over 40!

Are you in your 40's or above?


I see you!


Life has a way of drawing us into its whirlwind. Making us forget the radiant, adventurous souls we once were.


The truth is, you've dedicated years to everyone and everything else, & somewhere along the way, you may have forgotten to prioritise yourself. 


That's where my

Forty Over 40 Project

comes in. 


A morning where you feel like the goddess you truly are. It's about pampering, rejuvenation & a beautiful reminder that self-love is never out of reach. 


This morning will rekindle your confidence, reignite your inner fire & empower your as you step into (or run at) this wiser, more confident & more beautiful version of yourself.

In your Forty Over 40 Portrait Session you will look & feel like a celebrity being photographed for the cover of Vogue! 

And for a limited time, it is only $200

(valued at $850)!

What’s included:

 ⭐ Professional makeup on the day

 ⭐ A magazine-style professional portrait session

 ⭐ $400 print credit to put towards your portraits

Simply click the BUY NOW button below & let's celebrate the beautiful woman you are right now!

_M7A7677 copy.jpg
_M7A5605-low resolution.jpg

Need more convincing?


Too often, we women don’t get in front of the camera because we need a haircut…or we need to lose a couple of kilo’s, because we think we don’t look good in photographs....or now you're over forty that you're too old. (which is wrong!!)

I’m here to change all of that!


By the time you have finished your Forty Over 40 Portrait experience, you will be yelling ‘I AM PHOTOGENIC’ from the roof tops!

The women in these portraits obviously look amazing. But I promise you, they are NOT models. In fact, most of the women who come in to be photographed at my studio have never done anything like this before.

Were they nervous? OMG yes, because that’s a perfectly normal response when we get in front of a camera.

Which is why the person behind the camera matters.

You need a photographer who actually sees YOU. A photographer that creates gorgeous works of art for your home. Portraits you are proud to hang on the wall for everyone to see. Or just for yourself. Because it’s freaking fun (and you deserve beautiful portraits). It’s my privilege to prepare you for the best portrait session of your life! My only warning – and I mean this – is that it’s kind of addictive to see yourself this way. 

I would love to invite you into my beautiful studio! We begin with having my professional makeup artist work her magic. What a start! Then let’s go through your outfits, hats, accessories….& let’s have some fun!

We can even make some portraits a little more intimate. How you want to be photographed is completlu up to you.

Your Forty Over 40 Portrait session reveal & ordering appointment is held approximately one week after your session. This is when you get to see your gorgeous portraits and choose your favourites! Prepare yourself for this, you’ll be just as nervous as you were before the portrait session….but then you will be on a high after seeing how AMAZING you look!

There is no minimum purchase on your order, however you can choose one of the amazing value Collections or you can purchase separately from the A La Carte menu. As a general guide, clients invest anywhere from $900 to $4000 depending on their own needs. What you invest in your experience is completely up to you.

You will never regret having this experience professionally captured in a way you can cherish forever.

To confirm your portrait session a $200 non-refundable session fee is payable.


_M7A4798 copy.jpg
_M7A5308 copy.jpg
_M7A9608 copy.jpg

The $200 includes:

 ⭐ A pre-consultation (phone or in-studio) with me so I can get to know you & what you want from your portrait session

 ⭐ Professional makeup on the day of the portrait session. You will feel amazing! – valued at $250

 ⭐ A magazine-style professional portrait session. You’ll feel like a celebrity! – valued at $200

 ⭐ $400 print credit for your reveal & ordering appointment where you will see all your beautiful portraits

 ⭐ An experience that reminds you who YOU are….a powerful, wise, strong, beautiful woman!!

*Forty Over 40 Portrait Sessions are held in the Kate Marsh Portraits Studio in Clunes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.


From the very first interaction with Kate, I felt very at ease and comfortable and knew all about the Kate’s offerings. I loved the make up and glam from Kate and both ladies were fun and easy to chat with. Kates professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity set for an amazing session. I was not nervous and felt a sense of ease and fun energy sweep the room. I loved the session, each pose I was guided and adjusted if necessary with music giggles and laughs all round. The end products are magnificent and I am eternally grateful for Kates time dedication and her ability to create amazing images!! I loved my session and would recommend this to everyone!!! Thank you Kate!! 


Having my photographs taken by Kate was a very positive experience.
Kate made me feel comfortable and supported in a situation that was well out of my comfort zone. 
Not only did she take photo's that I love and feel proud of, we had a good time doing it!
Thank you Kate.


Thank you Kate for giving me back the confidence that I thought was long gone. You created a comfortable and professional atmosphere in your studio to make me feel at ease in front of the camera. You have an engaging and respectful manner. I was extremely pleased
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