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The perfect gift to show Mum how beautiful she is.

How strong she is. How confident she is.

How fun she is. How special she is. 

How loved she is.

Until Mum's Day, this is only $899

(valued at $1350)!

What’s included in the Gift Certificate:

 ⭐ Professional hair & makeup

 ⭐ A magazine-style professional portrait session

 ⭐ One 49x33cm Framed Print

Mum might also like to bring you along to her portrait session and have your portrait taken together!

Or maybe her best friend. Or maybe she would like to have this day just for herself. It's up to Mum!

Contact me here if you would like to chat about

a Gift Certificate for your Mum. Or if you are ready

to show her just how special she is,

simply click the BUY NOW button below!

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_M7A3790 copy.jpg
_M7A0918-video ad.jpg

The $99 includes:

 ⭐ A pre-consultation (phone or in-studio) with me to discuss how she want to be photographed, what outfits she would like to wear, accessories etc etc

 ⭐ Professional Hair and Makeup on the day of the portrait session for your Mum. She will feel amazing! – valued at $250

 ⭐ A magazine-style professional portrait session. She’ll feel like a celebrity! – valued at $200

 ⭐ A stunning 49x33cm Hand Torn Edge, Matted and Framed Print

 ⭐ The opportunity to purchase all her gorgeous portraits

 ⭐ An experience that reminds your Mum who she is….a powerful, strong, beautiful & LOVED woman!!

*Modern Portrait Sessions are held in the Kate Marsh Portraits Studio in Clunes on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

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