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If there is anything you treasure & would love your bub to be photographed with, please bring it along. I will do my best to incorporate it if I can.
Please remember, all babies are different & not every baby will go into certain poses and/or props. I am a baby lead newborn photographer & just go with your baby’s flow. If they don’t like a certain pose, I will change it! Safety is my number one priority. And keeping your baby happy and comfortable comes in second. Babies can sometimes be unsettled during their session, but we will always get some gorgeous portraits for your home!


  • Wear something cool & comfortable. It gets quite warm in the studio!

  • If you would like to be in some portraits with your baby (& I highly recommend you do this) bring something plain and simple to wear. Neutral tones are best. Steer clear of bright colours, logo’s & writing. Try to keep patterns to a minimum too. Try to keep the family in the same tonal range. They don’t need to be matching colours, but similar works better. The focus is your gorgeous new bubba!

  • If you wear makeup, just put it on like you would if you were going out for dinner! (let me know if you would like to add in hair &/or makeup to your session – I have a gorgeous professional makeup artist I use in the studio!)

  • Bring something to eat as you will be here for 2-3 (maybe even 4) hours! I’ll have some snacks here for you, but just incase there isn’t anything you would like.


  • Dress bub in something that is easy to get off and not wake them & something that doesn’t leave lots of marks. Like a zippy. The aim of the game is to keep them asleep!!

  • Be prepared to feed your baby a few times. I am moving them about a bit (as little as possible though) so they might like to feed a bit more than at home. If you have a certain pillow you like to use for feeding, please bring it! I want you both to feel as comfortable as possible.

  • If baby takes one, bring a dummy. If it helps to settle them for the next set up, let’s use it.


  • Siblings need to come for the first half an hour (roughly) and then be picked up by family or a friend. My studio is small and not set up for siblings to be here for 3 hours! Plus I want you to have this time just for your new bubba…& have a bit of a relax!

  • Sibling clothing is same as I advised for you. We can always have tops off for littlies if you like, or one of my wraps for any little girls.

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